Please, react to the crimes of the Lithuanian government!

Letter to many human rights organisations asking to react to political murders, use of psychiatric facilities for imprisonment and murdering of dissidents and other crimes that are being committed in Lithuania.

Giedrius Šarkanas

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Why NATO soldiers are beaten in Lithuania, open letter to the Government of the USA

Open letter to the US President Donald Trump asking to save USA’s reputation and react to political murders, worshipping of terrorists, and other abhorrent crimes that are being committed in Lithuania.

Giedrius Šarkanas

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Why German soldiers are beaten in Lithuania, open letter to the Government of Germany

Open letter to Angela Merkel, Norbert Lammert and Martin Schulz asking to save Germany’s reputation as a fighter against Nazism and react to the abhorrent crimes that are being committed in Lithuania.

Giedrius Šarkanas

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Petition to the European Parliament regarding murders, torture, human rights abuses, and other crimes in Lithuania

Petition to the EP regarding the murder of Skaista Rakauskiene and other dissenters, abuses of psichiatry by Lithuanian judiciary, political persecutions, worshipping of terrorists, and embezzlement of EU funds in Lithuania.

Giedrius Šarkanas

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Petitions asking to investigate into the crimes against humanity and war crimes of the Lithuanian guerillas in 1944-1953

My petitions to the International Criminal Court, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the European Council.

The black text is the same in all these petitions of mine. The brown text I added to the petitions I have sent to the Parliament, Commission and Council of the EU.

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The last application to the European Court of Human Rights

My last trial to stop continuous violations of human rights by the government of the so-called ‘Republic of Lithuania’ via the ECHR.

This is the last, I hope. ☺ I am fed up. We are JUST LITHUANIANS.

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Krupio ženklas

Lietuvietiškas – euronietiškas kalendorius

Lietuviškųjų dievų ir deivių savaitės dienų bei svarbiausiųjų švenčių kalendorius.

Gruodžio 21-ji arba 22-ji, Žiemos Saulėgrįža, metų ir žiemos pradžia. Saulės Sugrįžimo diena, Saulės ir Gabijos, ugnies ir šeimos židinio deivės, diena. Taip pat Vestos diena.
Kukli šeimos šventė. Puiki proga uždegti padėkos žvakutę grįžtančiai Saulei.

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One more application to the European Court of Human Rights

The final version of my application to the ECHR concerning discrimination of Lithuanians in Lithuania.

Ещё одно обращение в Европейский Суд по Правам Человека

Последняя версия моей жалобы ЕСПЧ по поводу дискриминации литовцев в Литве.

Dar vienas kreipimasis į Europos žmogaus teisių teismą

Paskutinė mano skundo EŽTT dėl lietuvių diskriminavimo Lietuvoje versija.


Литовийцы или литовии – люди (не обязательно литовцы), которые верят в литовских богов и предпочитают их другим богам.


Lithuans are the people (not necessary Lithuanians) who believe in the Lithuanian gods and prefer them to other gods.

Baikite kurstyti mus prieš rusus

Kreipiuosi į prokuratūrą bei LR radijo ir televizijos komisiją, kad būtų stabdoma vykdoma paniekos ir neapykantos rusams (rusakalbiams) kurstymo kampanija. Informuoju apie tai ir rusakalbę žiniasklaidą.

Остановим издевательства над русскими

Заявление в Генеральную прокуратуру и Комиссию по радио и телевещанию Литвы с просьбой остановить растущий в Литве противорусский фашизм, а также письмо по этому поводу русскоязычным СМИ.

El calendario lituanio – euronio

El calendario de los días de la semana y de las fiestas de los dioses y las diosas lituanos – europeos.

Paraiškos į Europos Žmogaus Teisių Teismą ir laiškas svajotojams apie Europos Sąjungą

Turiu kreiptis į EŽTT – kaip į paskutinę instanciją, kadangi Lietuvos Respublikos teismai atsisako ginti lietuvių teises. Mes žeminami savo pačių šalyje, ES paverstoje mūsų tautos naikinimo įrankiu.

Жалобы в Европейский Суд по Правам Человека и письмо мечтателям о Евросоюзе

Приходится обращаться в ЕСПЧ, так как суды Литовской Республики отказываются защищать права литовцев. Нас унижают в нашей же стране, превращённой Евросоюзом в безвольного зомби, уничтожающего свой народ.

Applications to the European Court of Human Rights and letter to EU-dreamers

I must refer to the ECHR as a last resort because the courts of the Republic of Lithuania refuse to defend the rights of Lithuanians. We are humiliated in our own country, turned by the EU into a mere instrument for destroing our nation.

Moses, the Jewish Hitler

Moses, the true father of Nazism, is worshipped while Hitler, the most devoted student of the Jewish prophet, is completely demonised. Shameless Christians glorify even the most abhorrent perverts if they manage to exterminate all of their victims.

Nobel Peace Prize as a means of sucking up

In order to please the US, Norwegians award the Nobel Peace Prize even to war criminals.

Пяркунас, бог силы, смелости и чести

Пяркунас, лидер литовских богов, презирает обман и предательство. Пяркунас помогает смелым и честным.

Bangputys, the god of seas and winds

Bangpūtys or Vėjopatis is the Lithuanian Euronian god responsible for Earth’s waters and winds. Hurricanes and floods are his remedies against all those who cause harm to his realm.

Zemyna, the goddess-mother of the Earth

Žemyna, the most potent Lithuanian goddess, probably the wife of Perkūnas, is the MOTHER of every living being.

Alas, Edward

Unfortunately, Edward Snowden is not an ordinary Yankee. We can only expect that such naive faith in primitive propaganda will not cost Snowden his life.

What has happened to Osama bin Laden?

It looks fairly improbable that Osama bin Laden was actually killed in Abbottabad. Maybe he is still alive.

Open letter to Norwegians

My public letter to Norwegians in which I explaine how we, Lithuanians, see them and their country and why. Sent to the Norwegian media outlets that were most involved in the public campaign against Lithuanians.

Лаима, богиня судьбы, удачи и счастья

Лаима заботится о беременности и родах, а также проводит черту жизни каждого человека. Лаима может подарить удачу и счастье, но не материальное благополучие, не говоря уже о деньгах.

Friday. The week day of love. The week day of Milda. Also the day of Freya, Venus, Allah.

Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.

Mao Tse-Tung


Which are less moral – terrorists or their hunters?


Those who declare fighting the ’War on terrorism’

Both are the same

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Don’t be a fool and die for your country. Let the other sonofabitch die for his.

George S. Patton

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