Hitler, Nazism and terrorism as measures of evil

01 05 2012

A non-disputable universal example of evil is useful when you speak about villains in power

Sometimes it is difficult to show how really bad something or somebody is. For instance, it is clear that the USA committed a lot of horrible crimes during the Vietnam war; however, hardly anybody calls criminals neither the US Government nor its military commanders.


Which one has harmed humankind worse?

Osama bin Laden
Osama bin Laden

George W. Bush
George W. Bush

Equally bad

Both were do-gooders

On the other hand, Muammar Qaddafi was labeled criminal by NATO’s military forces and consequentially killed for such doubtful sins as being dictator and (presumably) having contributed to the Lockerbie bombing (though it actually looks like a standard scam by some US special agencies).

Therefore, if you want to prove that something is really evil, you must compare your object to some sort of recognised example of evil. Then, if you prove that your evil object is equally bad or even worse than the standard, you can make reasoned conclusions. You can say, for instance, ‘George W. Bush has committed more crimes than Osama bin Laden; therefore, he is an even worse criminal than Osama – so we should treat George at least as harsh as Osama was treated’.

In the world so heavily dominated by the media and special services of the members of NATO, there is no other way even to say that somebody or something in the so-called West is evil enough to be resisted.

Terrorists as a measure of the criminality of the western militaries

I am sure that most NATO’s militaries and especially special agents kill more civilians and violate more human rights than most of their enemies, but their propaganda declares that all the killings by NATO were necessary to resist a worse evil they call ‘terrorism’.

Therefore, I like to compare modern western criminals to the so-called terrorists themselves. If I manage to prove that the militaries of NATO (or its member or ally) are no better in their methods than, say, the members of Al-Qaeda, I can logically counter NATO’s propaganda and claim ☺ that western military criminals should be brought to responsibility and get sentenced at least as hard as the terrorists.

When I write about terrorists and try to prove that they are not so criminal, evil and inhuman as those who declare fighting a war against them, I really do not care about the terrorists themselves. There have not been any terrorism in Lithuania recently.

What I do care about is what is happening in the world and how it can affect Lithuania. I do not like the USA and its satellites robbing other countries and submerging the world deeper and deeper into hatred and hostility. I think that mankind has no choice but cooperate to meet all the great challenges like global warming and overpopulation – if it is not to late yet, of course.

Hitler as the symbol of ultimate evil

After his defeat in the Second World War, the leader of German Nazis was declared an absolute evil man. Having his pictures, books, Nazi symbolics, etc can even result in being given a criminal sentence in certain countries.

Therefore, Hitler and Nazis can serve as perfect modern measures of evil. If I prove that somebody is not better than Hitler, or that an organisation is no better than Nazis, or an ideology is no better than National Socialism, I will prove that they are really evil and have to be dealt with at least as harsh as contemporary neo-Nazis, who are banned and persecuted in many European countries.

To be honest, I personally do not agree that Nazis were worse than, say, historical Christians or Moses’ Jews. Now, the absence of the piles of corpses in the video reports from the Iraq war does not prove that the USA was any better than Nazi Germany.

Anyway, I do not really care about Hitler. For instance, when I compare Nazism and Judaism, it is not really about Nazis, it is about the Judaists who do not cease blackmailing my people.

What do you think about it?

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