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30 03 2005

The site ‘Counter-propaganda’ is designed to unmask the lies that are presented as truths by the world dominating propaganda and supply based on facts alternatives for the most shameless official myths about US, EU, NATO, Christianity, democracy etc.


Who’s more honest?

George Bush Jnr

Adolf Hitler

Try to find one more essential difference!

The states that currently control the formation of the global ideological discourse, such as the US and its followers, usually manipulate symbols like ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’ or ‘human rights’ – so-called ‘Western values’. They always succeed in it because the West and ‘western lifestyle’ have had no sufficiently sponsored ideological opposition since the break-up of the Soviet Union and are officially glorified as attributes of modern culture and civilisation.

The official propaganda of the US and other aggressive countries and international organisations increasingly rely upon the myth about the superiority of ‘Western culture’ in their speculations about ‘immaturity’ or ‘backwardness’ of politically inconvenient non-Christian and Orthodox Christian countries or even nations.

These speculations often coincide almost exactly by their nature with Nazi theories about the inferiority of some nations in relation to others and ‘the historical mission’ of ‘the chosen’. The myth of cultural and civilisation superiority of the West exalts ‘westerners’ and justifies their crimes as sacrifices necessary for ‘civilising’ backward nations.

After all, it does not make any difference for those who are murdered or robbed under western flags that modern Nazis, cunningly disguising themselves as democrats, publicly condemn Hitler and his sincere followers.

European values have become a set of meaningless words that can be used to justify any crime

‘Defending democracy, freedom and human rights has lately become a standard slogan used by the US, NATO and similar countries and organisations to justify not only blatant blackmail and shameless interference into internal affairs of independent states, but also plunder, torture and even mass murder of unarmed people.

Cynically exploited by the US and their so-called ‘allies’, the values that most Europeans still sincerely recognise and respect turn into a set of convenient propaganda clichés that can be employed by everybody capable of hiring the media.

European values are being discredited

The continuously accelerating control of the media, the day-to-day official lies and propaganda successfully serve as a justification for the crimes of the world aggressor and its humble ‘allies’, however, the shameless hypocrisy is ruining the status of the very symbols they exploit so blatantly.

Being nothing more than mere tools of propaganda, ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, ‘human rights’ as well as the very ‘West’ are becoming symbols of lies and deceit in the eyes of the whole world. If the current situation does not change, the very European life style can turn into an object of general contempt and disgust.

Propaganda sows enmity among people

Propaganda – distortion of reality in order to manipulate people. However, even most sophisticated propaganda, capable of convincing certain target groups, affects other people conversely.

For instance, US propaganda about the so-called ‘mission’ of the so-called ‘coalition’ in Iraq successfully persuaded most North Americans and a part of Europeans to support Bush’s policy (at least temporarily); however, those who had faced personally the animosities of Americans and their ‘allies’, as well as all the people who were actively interested in the world politics understood very soon that Bush and his team were just brazenly lying in order to create a pretext for stealing Iraq’s oil.

Another similar example is the propaganda glorifying the European Union. Abundant posters, brochures, stickers, video films, etc. are designed to make an impression that the EU is definitely beneficial to the Europeans. But again, those who are bothered a bit to find out what is the real impact of the EU on human lives discover soon that the EU exercises, besides some positive influences, a huge negative impact to the economies of its member-states as well as to the state of democracy and human rights there.

Though propaganda often makes the intended impact on certain groups in the short period, in the long period, more and more people realise that they are treated as mere objects of manipulation, usually, by means of blatant lies. Therefore, many get offended and develop long lasting hostility towards those who order and spread propaganda.

In both cases mentioned above (US and EU), eventually propaganda appears to work again those who ordered it. During the bombings of Afghanistan, many still trusted in Americans as ‘champions of democracy’; however, when the true motives behind the Iraq occupation became clear, the US rapidly lost all its authority it acquired after the breakdown of the Soviet Union and became the most despised country in the world.

The propagandistic nature of the European Union has not yet attracted attention of broad masses; however, the number of those who have already gathered it is steadily growing, and a great part of them become sheer opponents of the EU – some people do not forgive deception.

Propaganda instigates hostility among countries and even nations

Impertinent propaganda successfully persuaded Americans to vote for Bush and support the aggressive US policy. However, eventually it resulted in the rapid proliferation of the countries where the US is not respected and, even more important, not trusted any more.

Obviously, most Americans think that world’s despise and distrust is directed towards Bush, as it is the case with many their compatriots. It does not seem to be true – what Americans feel for Bush most people feel for the US as a state and its citizens, who have him elected and re-elected. Having once realised the true nature of US propaganda, many people will never trust any US government, so they will never seriously consider any negotiation or agreement with the Americans. Even worse, there are more and more people who are starting to contempt the very American nation.

The US is leading the world in terms of propaganda production; however, propaganda is inherent also for other countries and organisations. The European Union and its most influential member states do not lag far behind the Americans, so they also are likely to face the fate of the US.

Propaganda is going to completely disconcert mankind while it is in urgent need of global teamwork

International cooperation is already extremely important for preventing the nuclear arms race; as the only means to stop the global warming, it can soon become the only way for mankind to survive.

Meanwhile, propaganda instigates hostility among nations and civilisations. When speaking the language of propaganda – if there is no mutual trust and confidence, only declarative agreements can be achieved, so propaganda makes real international cooperation impossible.

Perhaps now, when it is so important to communicate constructively and reach international agreements on common actions, propaganda, massively produced by the hungry-for-profit media, is becoming the worst enemy of mankind.

What do you think about it?

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