Nazism again

11 08 2007

Adolf Hitler and his Nazism are fiercely condemned because they were sincere, did not conceal their true intentions and lost their war. The worst contemporary Nazis usually waffle about human rights and democracy.

The origin of the word Nazism

The notion Nazism originated from the short form of the word ‘Nationalsozialist’ – ‘Nazi’, used to refer to members of Hitler’s National Socialist Party.

After the defeat of Germany in the Second World War and the famous process of Nuremberg, during which the leaders of the defeated were judged and the horrors of Hitler’s regime were disclosed (the numerous crimes of the winners against peaceful civilians of the losers left unpunished of course), the word ‘Nazism’ started to be used for a more general meaning – to refer to especially cruel racism or nationalism.

Colleagues!       As Drang, Führer, Reich and die Rasse are out of fashion, we have to defend Freedom, Democracy, Europe and the West!

In Russia and Eastern Europe, the word ‘fascism’ bears the same meaning; however, it was initially applied to Mussolini’s Italy, and it would sound as an emotionally neutral name for a kind of political regime if Italy had not been defeated together with Hitler’s Germany in the Second World War.

Hitler was not original

In the official discourse, Adolf Hitler and the attributes of his ideology are presented as unquestionable symbols of ill, as the historical culmination of evil. However, even a superficial look at the history of mankind creates the impression that the only extraordinary feature of Hitler’s regime was the fact that it was totally defeated.

Genocide was the main method of Christianity; not only Turkey, but also a great part of ‘democracy champions’ have passed certain periods of intensive ethnic cleansing – the US democracy was built on the bones of American Indians, the English once neutralised the Scottish nation by exterminating Highlanders. After all, when Nazis persecuted Jews, genocide of similar scale was taking place in the Soviet Union.

Hitler’s regime was distinguishable by its sincerity

Contemporary war criminals bearing responsibility for massacres in Vietnam, Cambodia, Yugoslavia or Iraq state simultaneously that they did not want to kill their victims, they did not know about the actual scale of the death toll, that the hundreds of thousands died accidentally, etc. Such statements are very difficult to disprove.

Modern conquerors from Northern America and Western Europe usually blabber about freedom and democracy and only occasionally blurt out their deep contempt for poor and non-complying nations and the Muslims not willing to give up their oil and the Orthodox Christians capable of independent thinking.

Adolf Hitler, in contrast, was always honest and never concealed his hostility towards Jews, Gypsies or Slavs and his intentions to exterminate them sooner or later. This gave the winners of the Second World War a unique opportunity for decisively vilifying Germany and any possible forms of German aggression they were so scared of.

Modern Nazism has returned to Christian traditions

Contemporary Nazism has retreated to the traditional methods of Christianity – inconvenient people are killed with beautiful words on the lips, for the sake of noble ideals (US militaries have exterminated a few communities of non-submissive Sunnis in Iraq, as they say ‘unintentionally, aiming at terrorists’). Therefore, the modern forms of Nazism are not easy to disclose as such, so the organisation of common resistance against them is extremely difficult, and Nazism is likely to become a norm again in the 21st century.

Actually, the contemporary Israel and the US itself do not differ much from the Germany of the mid Thirties. The Muslims that have had an occasion to know them closer already have no doubt about it.

In the Middle Ages, Catholics that were spreading Christianity around the globe murdered almost everybody who did not humiliate himself in front of their god and their clerics. In the 20th century, Hitler did not manage to repeat it because he had honestly declared his intentions.

The Nazis of 21st century also do not dare exterminate entire nations physically; usually they limit themselves to placing them into concentration camps as for life space (Lebensraum) fighting Israelis did with Palestinians. Therefore; contemporary Nazis are facing fierce resistance, and a considerable part of the fighters of modern Resistance sooner or later in their turn have to refer to the Nazi tactics, just as Zionists consolidated after the Second World War and overtook many methods of Adolf Hitler.

Nazism has never been finally defeated

The very word Nazism has become the symbol of evil, but most of Hitler’s crimes are repeated again and again. During the Second World War, Japanese were treated in the US even worse than the German Jews in the 1930-ies; nowadays, this is the way Chechens are treated in Russia. In some US states, the social status of Muslims resembles the status of the German Jews around 1935.

Refugee camps similar to Jewish ghettos have become everyday routine of the Sudanese and Palestinians; the secret gaols of American ‘Gestapo’ resemble Nazi concentration camps. But it was the very way the Holocaust began – the ‘Final decision’ (the decision to physically exterminate all the Jews) was taken only in the eighth year of Hitler’s rule.

The historical injustices make sincere Nazism revive again

The vilification of Adolf Hitler and his regime was paying off for as long time. Germans were broken up morally and directed all their aggression and hatred against themselves. Some Zionists got so accustomed with their roles that, not contented with huge reparations, afforded to jeer not only at the defeated, but also at many other non-assertive nations (Lithuanians, for instance).

Nowadays, with the advance of the information era, more and more people do not only consume the irritating official ideologies and the propaganda produced by American professionals, but they also get aware of what is actually going on. Independently thinking people can themselves compare the crimes of Hitler’s regime with the atrocities of contemporary Nazis.

Actually, the contemporary Israel and the US itself do not differ much from the Germany of the mid Thirties. The Muslims that have had an occasion to know them closer already have no doubt about it.

Therefore, many people are changing their views on Hitler’s Nazism. Now, the entire world watches the atrocities of Americans in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Iraq, the Israeli ones – in Palestine, and these unpunished crimes still once again confirm the awful truth that Adolf Hitler and his supporters were judged and so utterly condemned mostly because they were sincere and lost their war. Perhaps the British prince wanted to stress it by demonstrating Nazi symbols.

Germans are experiencing a terrible discrimination of still being reproached for such crimes that the winners of the Second World War are steadily committing without any fear of possible punishment. Therefore, the traditional National Socialism or neo-Nazism – in fact, sincere Nazism – is reviving and will consolidate in Germany and across the whole Europe as an old reaction to the new historical injustice.

Sincerity sounds revolting nowadays. Unlike hypocricy. Or what?

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