Milda, the goddess of love

24 03 2013

is the Lithuanian goddess of love, courting, and friendship. She is the worst enemy of loneliness.

First of all, Milda does not care about marriage. In her eyes, matrimony is secondary to love and friendship. Milda means freedom for her worshippers.

Milda’s symbol
stylised capital letter ‘M’

If you are not sure whether you are destined for friendship and love, just take a look at your palm. ☺

Milda thinks that nobody should be alone and enjoys helping her fans to meet each other no matter their appearance, social background, language, age or orientation.

Milda was hated by many religious fanatics

So Milda has many common features with Greek Aphrodite, Roman Venus and Scandinavian Freya. It is quite possible that these are just other names of the Euronian goddess of love. We do not know for sure.

Anyway, most pious Catholics and other followers of Jesus Christ and Yahweh (God, Allah) hated Milda. These gods many times stated that only they themselves are worth of supreme love and devotion, so their priests could not stand the goddess who encouraged people to love each other. ☺

Therefore, the Catholic Church tried hard to erase even Milda’s name from the history of Lithuania. Only few historians have mentioned Milda as well as Ragana in their reports over the traditional Lithuanian faith.

Friday’s for love

Milda’s day of the week is Friday (literally, Freya’s day), the best day for starting new friendships and falling in love. Anybody enjoying any good relationship should at least remember Milda every Friday.

Milda’s day of the year is the 13th of May. That’s the best day to celebrate Spring and love, especially out of the town—our Lithuanian Euronian May day.

Ask Milda for help

If you look for a friend or partner or you are not sure if the person you dream to see beside you feels towards you in a similar way, just ask Milda for help. Do not pray, kneel, offer, just ask her. If you are sincere, Milda will always help you one way or another.

Milda enjoys helping people to overcome their shyness and various complexes, to break taboos and prohibitions in the name of love.

Don’t love Milda? Why?

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