Perkunas, the god of power, courage and honour

04 03 2013

In the Lithuanian Euronian pantheon, Perkūnas (pərku:nʌs, Thunder in Lithuanian) occupies a place similar to that of Donar, Thor, Zeus or Jupiter in their corresponding German, Scandinavian, Greek and Roman pantheons.

Perkūnas is the master of the ultimate natural and supernatural powers. His day of the week is Thursday; his main symbol is the Fire Cross or the Sun Cross, the swastika.

the Fire Cross

Some notorious historical figures have tried to steal the holy symbol of Perkūnas. It helped them just until they crossed the line and resorted to the bloody methods of Judaism and Christianity.

First of all, Perkūnas is the god of physical power and therefore is most resorted to at the time of war. Thanks to him, Lithuanians, the last Euronian nation of Europe, became one of the greatest military powers in the 13th and early 14th centuries.

Perkūnas cannot stand deceit and perfidy. When the rulers of Lithuania became Catholics and took on the principal Christian methods of warfare, such as ruse and treachery, Perkūnas ceased helping them. Without his support, Lithuania quickly became a miserable province of Poland; only its seizure by Russia at the end of the 18 century protected Lithuanians from their complete polonisation.

Perkūnas helps the brave and the honourable. If you love your homeland and your people and are not afraid to loose your life when fighting for them, then you can count on the help of Perkūnas, of course, if you respect him.

But if you prefer deceit and treachery and you’d put at risk lives of peaceful people rather than your own life, then you shouldn’t bother Perkūnas regardless of how much you pray or offer up to him. There are other gods who are always ready to forgive you all your crimes if you pray to them repentantly.

So, Perkūnas is not the god of the treacherous. He is probably the most powerful god in the universe, but he helps only the courageous and the honourable. Therefore, there are so few people left on Earth these days whom Perkūnas might be willing to support.

Anyway, Thursday is the most important day of the week, the day to celebrate for all Euronians. ☺ Simple meals and drinks, usually something of pork, a glass of mead, wine, or beer is appropriate. And a toast or two in the honour of Perkūnas.

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