Ragana, Witch, the Seeing

16 04 2013

[ˈrɑ:gʌnʌ] is the Lithuanian goddess who takes care for healing and seeing into the future.

Ragana in Lithuanian means the Seeing, which is close to English Witch (who watches) and Slavic Vjed(ż)ma (who knows).

Ragana embodies wiseness

Ragana’s weapons are watching, thinking and feeling, the contrary to the methods of Perkūnas, Bangpūtys, Vėjopatis and many other masculine gods who achieve their objectives by means of power.

Ragana’s day of the week is Saturday, the best day for collecting herbs and the best night to spend at a bonfire.

Ragana watches and understands the gist of things, she can predict the future from the signs that can be observed now.

Ragana is not a doer, she is a watcher, thinker and feeler. So, Ragana is very feminine.

The goddess of medicine

Ragana decides if a patient will recover or not. All the medicines are powerless if the soul refuses to to turn back to life.

Therefore, raganos (witches) and raganiai (wizards) have always been the best healers. Ragana taught her followers both faith and the knowledge of the healing qualities of nature.

Even now, sometimes only followers of Ragana can help the people who are already discarded by the doctors.

Witches and wizards are envied for their longevity and good health

The knowledge of nature’s secrets and the habit of thinking twice before doing anything allow the followers of Ragana to live long and remain healthy even at very old age. That makes many others envy them.

The symbol of Ragana
the Sign of Toad

Do not forget to wear the Sign of Toad when anybody dear to you is ill.

Judaists, Christians and Muslims could never forgive Ragana’s followers as their longevity and good health was undermining the authority of their god.

Therefore, Christians and Muslims were persecuting raganos and raganiai for many centuries. Both Torah (Pentateuch) and Quran order killing them immediately.

Lithuania was converted to Catholicism by force; Catholic priests wanted all the patients to rely solely on prayers to the Christian god and to pass all their property to the Catholic Church in the case of a ‘miraculous’ healing.

Therefore, many Lithuanian witches were burnt alive at the stake. However, the Lithuanian witchcraft survived the ruthless centuries-long chasing – as the criminal and hypocrite Christian god is powerless in comparison to Ragana.

Slander and denigration are powerless against Ragana

Judaists, Christians and Muslims have always been most scared of the truth about their god and their religions. They have always feared the intelligent and independently-minded people who watched them, their churches, priests, and all the crimes against humanity they were committing for centuries.

Bloody monotheists have invented lots of fantastic stories intended to vilify Ragana and her followers, to depict them as misanthropes, inhuman, even cannibals. However, everything went astray.

It is obvious that the object of such hate and persecution by the bloodiest historical perverts and criminals, the goddess of medicine, reflection, and seeing into the future, deserves but respect and admiration.

Ragana’s day of the week is Saturday, the best day for collecting herbs and the best night to spend at a bonfire.

Ragana is my favourite goddess. She helps me every time I cannot understand anything myself and dare ask her advice.

What do you think about it?

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