Alas, Edward

02 07 2013

I’m neither traitor nor hero. I’m an American,’ – thus Edward Joseph Snowden explained his motives for revealing the actual attitudes of the US government towards human rights and respect for personal privacy.

Who of them is more typical ‘American’?

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

Frank Wuterich
Frank Wuterich

The former CIA contractor Edward Snowden will probably pay with his life for telling people the truth about the true nature of the USA.

The US Army Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, the hero of the Haditha massacre, was downgraded in rank for not properly destroying the evidence of the mass murder.

Probably, Snowden decided that an honest man in his place should disclose, no matter what the personal price would be, the numerous crimes the US government were perpetrating in the USA and the entire world. He obviously expected that the majority of Yankees would sympathise with him, feel grateful for defending their rights and back him one way or another.

Now it is absolutely clear that Snowden was mistaken. The number of his supporters in the USA is rapidly decreasing, and more and more Yankees are beginning to call for his head.

Wishful thinking unfortunately

It is obvious that if Snowden gets caught by the US authorities, he will get a heavy criminal sentence, and only few Yankees will sympathise with him. Therefore, Snowden cannot claim to be an ordinary Yankee.

Ordinary people are not called ‘traitors’ and do not go to gaol. Let’s consider the famous example of Frank Wuterich. The famous US army staff sergeant ordered to kill 24 civilian Iraqis as a response to the death of a soldier from his regiment.

Although there were seven children and an old man in a wheelchair among the victims, Wuterich got no gaol sentence. In fact, the US courts decided that there is no crime in making a few dozens of miserable civilians pay with their lives in an act of justice for a killed US soldier.

Wuterich was punished of course, he was stripped of his rank and deprived of his two months pay, obviously for his negligence – for not getting rid of all the witnesses and leaving behind evidence of the execution – as a clear lesson for all the other US military personnel in the occupied countries.

Without doubt, Wuterich was only punished for not properly concealing the truth about the US army and its warfare methods.

One more martyr to truth

Snowden was certainly surrounded by tens of thousands of Yankees who knew very well what was going on and did not care at all about human rights, personal privacy and other fairy tales that are told to the lesser people in order to keep them loyal.


Did the revelations about the US government from Edward Snowden surprise you?

No, I already knew it

No, I always suspected it

No, nothing special

Yes, a little

Yes, it surprised me

Of course, it astonished me

Thus, Snowden was certainly not an ordinary ‘American’, just an accidental honest guy among the millions of the true ‘ordinaries’ in the US government, army, special services, etc.

It seems that, being still relatively young, Edward Snowden had not understood at all in what kind of country he was living. Born and grown up in North Carolina, he did not realise what principal kind of people leave their homelands and emigrate overseas and probably could not understand why exactly disclosing the truth about the government and its methods is one of the most dangerous and most severely punished crimes in the USA.

From the viewpoint of the whole humankind, Snowden has accomplished a major feat. He has also proven again that there are not only thieves, liars, murderers, and other kinds of scoundrels in the USA.

However, hardly anybody could agree with Snowden that he is a typical Yankee. He expected to inspire his compatriots to wake up, consolidate, change the way the USA works, but, unfortunately, he failed.

Now Edward Snowden has become prey for the US special services. We can only hope that he will not become another true martyr to truth, as Giordano Bruno, Bradley Manning and many many others.

What do you think about it?

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America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.

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