Nobel Peace Prize as a means of sucking up

09 08 2013

In my opinion, the Nobel Peace Prize is something that should make its winner feel ashamed. In fact, with the help of it Norwegians suck up to the world powers they want to please at the moment.

Kissinger, Obama and the EU

Probably the most obnoxious Nobel Peace Prize nominee so far has been Henry Kissinger, the US State Secretary who organised the secret bombing of Laos and Cambodia (neutral countries) during the Vietnam War and was engaged in many other war crimes that cost about 3 millions human lives.

In the Seventies, the US badly needed to somehow repair their international image, and the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize to their chief criminal was a precious present from their faithful Scandinavian sucker.

The presence of the king makes it especially ludicrous
the king of Norway Harald V

The presence of the Norwegian king at the ceremonies of awarding Nobel Peace Prizes to the world’s worst scoundrels makes an impression that you watch an idiotic ☺ soap opera.

A similar story happened in 2009 when Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize despite being the president of the world’s most belligerent country then heavily engaged in two wars and responsible for countless war crimes.

During Obama’s rule, the US military presence has heavily increased around the world, thousands of people are now slaughtered by drones and other modern murder technologies on daily basis.

The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union although (because?) many of its members were present then in lots of military offensives (France, Italy, and the UK had just (in fact) occupied Libya and were then fiercely plundering the oil rich North African country).

In all the three cases, Norwegians ‘honoured’ outright criminals that just had been engaged in the worst war crimes of their time.

Yankees’ agents around the world

The above mentioned examples are especially outraging as the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to clear war criminals. However, it is fairly evident that the majority of all the nominees, especially in the last 50 years, should rather be called fighters for war than for peace.

For instance, Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who destroyed the Soviet Union. It was very profitable for many members of NATO, especially the USA, as they then had an opportunity to rob Russia in the Nineties. Many western countries then were stealing big bits of its natural and human resources.

As for peace, the end of the USSR started a new era of NATO’s predatory aggressions, which in their turn provoked many new regional wars and greatly accelerated arms races around the world. It is absolutely clear that Gorbachev made the world much more militant, bloody, unjust and suffering.

Another similar example is Mohamed ElBaradey, who clearly was given his Nobel Peace Prize for his extreme servility to the USA. A military coup has recently been launched in Egypt in order to bring this faithful sucker to the US to power, that has already cost hundreds of human lives.

Pure Alfred!
Alfred Nobel

Could Alfred Nobel have imagined that Norwegians were going to turn his prizes into a means of glorifying the most despicable criminals and war crimes in the world?

Many other Nobel Peace Prize laureates seem to have been nominated to give them more political weight they could later exercise acting as (factual) agents of the USA or other NATO members against their respective homelands.

A part of the laureates are Muslim feminists who are very useful to the USA as a means of provoking violence in the countries that Yankees are planning to attack or press by other means. It is evident that they have nothing common with fighting for peace, quite the opposite.

Alfred would be shocked

Thus, Nobel Peace Prizes are usually given to war criminals, traitors and other similar persons who prove to be useful to the US and NATO in order to give them more political weight. The award has nothing to do with making the world a more peaceful place.

In fact, the Nobel Peace Prize has become a handy public relations tool for modern criminals in power, a service that Norway provides to its political and military leaders. Practically, by means of it Norway is sucking up to the US.

However, such policy has destroyed the previous prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize (and the prestige of all the Nobel awards by the way). The members of NATO still pretend it to be an honourable award, but beyond NATO hardly anybody think so these days.

For me, the Nobel Peace Prize associates with war crimes, betrayal of one’s homeland, and, first of all, faithfully serving to the US and their bloody policy of intimidating and plundering the whole world.

What do you think about it?

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