What has happened to Osama bin Laden?

27 06 2013

The more I think about the official story about bin Laden’s death, the less convincing it appears to me. I do not know anything special about what happened in Abbottabad on the 2nd September 2012; however, I am absolutely sure that the USA would by no means have simply killed Osama in those circumstances.

According to the official version, bin Laden was killed in his secret home in Pakistan by a Yankee soldier and thrown into the sea about 24 hours later. There was no witness who could be called reliable or at least independent, and we either BELIEVE OR DO NOT BELIEVE the government of the USA.

Yankees are used to lying

It is no secret that the US government often lie with astonishing impertinence. About mass murders in Kosovo, Iraq’s nuclear weapons, their respect for human rights, etc. They simply always say what they think will suit them best at the moment.

Therefore, the official statement about bin Laden’s death on the 2nd September 2012 is just what the US government WANTED us to know. As made by habitual liars, it can be either true or false.

The USA are not fools

Sometimes Yankees underestimate their potential victims in their belief that others will endlessly continue to swallow their lies. However, in other regards the US government clearly are not the naive simpletons they are pretending to be.

Osama bin Laden
Osama bin Laden

Used to be the most hated and most convenient foe of the USA.

Yankees are famous for their rationality, probably the most distinctive feature of their nation and, especially, their state. However foolish their actions would look to us, there always is some rational explanation of them – it is clear that Yankees would have killed bin Laden in Abbottabad ONLY if there had been an urgent REASON for it.

The US government obviously had compelling reasons to show the world that they finally caught their chief enemy. However, that does not mean that Yankees had sufficient reasons to KILL bin Laden.

In order to believe that the official version about bin Laden’s death is true, I need to imagine a possible reason for killing the leader of Al-Qaeda so quickly. I have not succeeded in it ☺ yet.

Bin Laden was much more useful alive than dead

The US government are also famous for their habit to torture their prisoners. Although Yankees are used to speaking loudly about their concerns for human rights, there is no secret that they often torture Muslims, often using for this their secret bases in Africa or Central Europe.

It is not easy to imagine a rational reason for abstaining from torturing bin Laden. With some help of special drugs combined with certain interrogation methods, bin Laden would undoubtedly have told Yankees all the secrets of Al-Qaida.

Therefore, I cannot believe bin Laden was actually killed on the 2nd September 2012. It would have been extremely irrational, hence untypical of the US government.

Most probable versions

So, what actually happened on the 2nd and 3rd September 2012? There are two most plausible explanations.

In my opinion, it would be typically Yankish to take bin Laden prisoner and burry a fake corpse. The CIA could have done then quietly whatever they wanted with their captive in any of their secret bases.

Very plausible also seems the possibility that the man in Abbottabad was not bin Laden himself. Maybe he was already dead by then or seriously ill somewhere with his royal relatives in Saudi Arabia – Barack Obama just badly needed the message about Osama’s death to improve the crumbling public image of the USA and ☺ to thrust US stock exchanges upwards.

Moreover, I can imagine a couple of other feasible-looking versions.

Was bin Laden actually hostile to the USA?

It is completely obvious that Al-Qaeda has always been a precious asset to the US government. It has provided handy excuses for many international and domestic crimes the US army and special services committed in the 21st century.

Since the II World War, the USA often wage wars in order to maintain its giant arms industry and whole economy afloat. To make the wars really profitable, Yankees badly need to convince their allies, enemies, and even victims that their wars are just or at least legal.

In brief, the USA often need excuses for their crimes, and Al-Qaeda provides them. There is no need to speak again about the events of the 11th September 2001, which looked like an ordinary setup by the CIA or similar agencies. Anyway, when Yankees want to attack anybody, they usually accuse them of relations with Al-Qaeda.

It could be some secret prison or military base, but I think that most probably Osama is staying in some cosy little palace in Saudi Arabia or other similar country, quite possibly even in the USA, peacefully enjoying his retirement and new identity.

On the other side, Al-Qaeda’s people often fight against the enemies or victims of the US government, which has been especially obvious recently in Libya and Syria. Although many different militant Muslim groups use the name of Al-Qaeda, in general this organisation much more resembles a faithful strategic ally of the USA than its bitter enemy.

Thus, in spite of all the public declarations and threats, Osama bin Laden had always seemed rather to serve Yankees than actually fight against them. In other words, there is enough evidence to conjecture that he probably was a US agent of certain kind.

Bin Laden’s life story fully supports such a conjecture. He entered the world of radical Muslims with the assistance of Yankees in the Seventies, then he established his personal network of militants that later served so well the interests of the USA.

Thus, there is another plausible version – the USA simply evacuated their faithful agent who had become too old and ill for playing his role. Or killed to shut him up forever? – I do not believe it, that would have been too much even for Yankees.

My guess

So, bin Laden could have died before the assault on Abbottabad, he could have been gone by then, or the US soldiers could have injured him and taken him to some secret place for various reasons, like to torture him, provide with medical treatment or simply give Osama an opportunity to retire.

Where is bin Laden now? – It could be some secret prison or military base, but I think that most probably Osama is staying in some cosy little palace in Saudi Arabia or other similar country, quite possibly even in the USA, peacefully enjoying his retirement and new identity.

Of course, bin Laden can be already dead, possibly for some 5 years. However I will never believe that Osama was thrown into the sea on the 3rd September 2012. It would have been so incompatible with the mentality of the USA – I would rather believe that they actually ☺ were walking on the Moon 42 years ago.

Do you believe that bin Laden is dead?

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