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How Google educated me

Google seems to clean its Internet search results from technically, morally, and politically incorrect resources – just like everybody else in the Christian world.

Google has given me a couple of very useful lessons. Thanks to the Lord of the Internet, I’ve understood the Christian world much more adequately. At least, I hope so. ☺

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Genocide and democracy – is stable democracy possible without preceding genocide?

Genocide apparently is a necessary stage of building modern democracy in big states. Democracy functions well only in the countries the politically homogeneous societies of which were historically created by ethnic and religious genocide.

Genocide is considered one of the most horrible crimes. Every ideology maker from the US or Western Europe will tell you that genocide is impossible in true democracy, especially in their respective country.

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The actual mission of the European Union (1) – destroying democracy

Lithuania’s experience shows that the EU expands by intimidating the media and buying votes – by destroying democracy. Now democracy is being violated in the whole EU in order to ratify the ‘Constitution for Europe’.

Caring about democracy is quite fashionable among EU officials. They are always unsatisfied with any election in any EU-unfriendly country, and they often demonstrate their indignation when EU/US-sponsored political parties lose their positions.

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Democracy – a word that means nothing

The word ‘democracy’ has lost his original meaning – the rule of people – and turned into an ordinary propaganda symbol, with which the US and its humble ‘allies’ justify conquers, mass murders and trivial stealing from weaker countries.

The word ‘democracy’ (the rule of the people) originated in ancient Greece. The official ideologies of the world’s richest countries recognise democracy as an unquestionable value – the only just political regime.

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US officials teach democracy to an Iraqi

Pseudo-election in Iraq and other occupied states

Elections make no sense in Iraq, as in any occupied country. An election is not a magic ritual that makes ‘just’ every country where it takes place – elections must comply with at least minimal criteria of free choice.

Elections take place in most countries: in the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the US, in the People’s Republic of China and Britain, in Belarus and Lithuania… Yet it does not mean that in all the countries the voters have equal rights to decide for whom they want to occupy the highest political positions.

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Democracy as a means of control, blackmail and robbery

Lithuanians have a good reason to perceive the US as a pirate wearing the mask of democracy. The official concern over democracy seems to be just a disguise for propaganda attacks, as it is not applied to the humble.

There is no secret that the Soviet Union fully controlled the absolute majority of Central and Eastern European communist states. Stalin’s version of democracy was established there with active help of the Red Army; and, therefore, remained under Moscow’s control until its final breakdown. The stories of the insurgencies in Hungary and the Prague Spring proved that the Soviet Union was producing completely obedient ‘democracies’.

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‘Democracy’ as the right to kill

Democracy is a universally recognized, yet differently conceived symbol. Like ‘god’. Bush is by no means the first, who utilizes the word ‘democracy’ as a universal magic word capable of justifying any possible crime.

Bush is not original when he justifies imperial wars and mass murders of armless people with ‘fight for democracy’. The US government, army and special services had been officially utilizing ‘democracy’ as a justification of their various criminal actions since 1947, when the US Congress adopted the Truman Doctrine. The famous ‘fight for democracy’ has already been exploited by many extremist organizations the world over.

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I shall never be ashamed of citing a bad author if the line is good.

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