a lonely child

Please, help protect Lithuanians from the Republic of Lithuania5 op.

Please, help to pressurise the Lithuanian authorities into recognising the basic human rights and freedoms of Lithuanians, into lifting the absurd prohibitions of same-sex marriages and adoption by unmarried couples.

So, as I promised earlier, in connection with my application to the ECHR concerning the right of Lithuanians to respect of their family life, I am pleading with all the people in the EU who are not indifferent to human rights for help with pressurising the Lithuanian authorities into recognising the right of all the people to have a family.

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a lonely child

Respect the family life of Lithuanians, an application to the ECHR

I ask the European Court of Human Rights to recognise that prohibitions of adoption by same-sex couples and close relatives violate the rights of many Lithuanians to respect of their family life and non-discrimination.

In the autumn of 2012, I was shocked when the Lithuanian media published the latest statistical data about the demographical situation in Lithuania. There are 200 thousand more women than men in Lithuania.

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Algirdas Paleckis

How Google educated me

Google seems to clean its Internet search results from technically, morally, and politically incorrect resources – just like everybody else in the Christian world.

Google has given me a couple of very useful lessons. Thanks to the Lord of the Internet, I’ve understood the Christian world much more adequately. At least, I hope so. ☺

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Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

George Orwell / subject – en

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