The statue of Moses in the wall of Catholic Vilnius Cathedral

Moses, the Jewish Hitler

Moses, the true father of Nazism, is worshipped while Hitler, the most devoted student of the Jewish prophet, is completely demonised. Shameless Christians glorify even the most abhorrent perverts if they manage to exterminate all of their victims.

I think I will never learn to put up with the Christian tradition of humiliating the defeated. It always looks blatantly dishonest to me that the most admired heroes become scapegoats at the very moment when luck betrays them while the bloodiest scoundrels are forgiven and cleared of everything if they win their wars.

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Genocide and democracy – is stable democracy possible without preceding genocide?

Genocide apparently is a necessary stage of building modern democracy in big states. Democracy functions well only in the countries the politically homogeneous societies of which were historically created by ethnic and religious genocide.

Genocide is considered one of the most horrible crimes. Every ideology maker from the US or Western Europe will tell you that genocide is impossible in true democracy, especially in their respective country.

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Laws are silent in times of war.

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