Judaism is the Jewish religion, as opposite to the Jewish ethnicity.

Not all Jews are Judaists. Not all Judaists are Jews, for example, Karaites.

Sometimes, usually when justifying their crimes, or for other political reasons, some religious fundamentalists, both Judaists and their enemies, state that being Judaist is the same as being Jew or even Semitic.

The statue of Moses in the wall of Catholic Vilnius Cathedral

Moses, the Jewish Hitler

Moses, the true father of Nazism, is worshipped while Hitler, the most devoted student of the Jewish prophet, is completely demonised. Shameless Christians glorify even the most abhorrent perverts if they manage to exterminate all of their victims.

I think I will never learn to put up with the Christian tradition of humiliating the defeated. It always looks blatantly dishonest to me that the most admired heroes become scapegoats at the very moment when luck betrays them while the bloodiest scoundrels are forgiven and cleared of everything if they win their wars.

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an angel


Angel is a common name for some species of winged demons who can make love with both women and men and always remain virgin.

Angels do not have gender, as we understand it. However, they can convert to both women and men.

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Paradise (Eden, Heaven) is the den of Yahweh (God, Allah), where he resides with his cherubs and other angels and some poor souls.

It is not clear where exactly Paradise is situated. Most probably it is under the biblical mount Sinai, on which Moses once negotiated with Yahweh.

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Don’t be a fool and die for your country. Let the other sonofabitch die for his.

George S. Patton / subject – en

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