NATO and Lithuania – the complete fiasco of NATO

Lithuania has only recently joined NATO; however, NATO soldiers have already proved themselves as cowardly wretches there.

The adverts, researches and media campaigns paid by NATO or the governments of its members depict NATO not only as the best armed military organisation that can afford to bomb any country in the world.

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Letter to Tony Blair concerning the London tube explosions

Doesn’t Tony Blair feel guilty over the deaths in connection with the London explosions on 7th July 2005? What would he recommend to his compatriots if not Iraq, but Britain itself were occupied?

Since the beginning of the aggression against Iraq in 2003, the members of the so-called ‘coalition’ had been continuously scared that Iraqis or their Muslim allies could use force against the countries that sent their troops to support Iraq’s occupation. Since Muslims succeeded in persuading Spain to withdraw its occupational troops from Iraq by blowing up several trains in Madrid, it was absolutely obvious that it was Britain’s turn then.

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Democracy – a word that means nothing

The word ‘democracy’ has lost his original meaning – the rule of people – and turned into an ordinary propaganda symbol, with which the US and its humble ‘allies’ justify conquers, mass murders and trivial stealing from weaker countries.

The word ‘democracy’ (the rule of the people) originated in ancient Greece. The official ideologies of the world’s richest countries recognise democracy as an unquestionable value – the only just political regime.

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The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.

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