Laima’s Fir


Lithuans are the people (not necessary Lithuanians) who believe in the Lithuanian gods and prefer them to other gods.

Lithuans are not obliged to worship all the Lithuanian gods; they can even worship no god at all. However, Lithuans, if they want to call themselves so, must recognise that the Lithuanian gods are the most important to themselves and Lithuania.

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The statue of Moses in the wall of Catholic Vilnius Cathedral

Moses, the Jewish Hitler

Moses, the true father of Nazism, is worshipped while Hitler, the most devoted student of the Jewish prophet, is completely demonised. Shameless Christians glorify even the most abhorrent perverts if they manage to exterminate all of their victims.

I think I will never learn to put up with the Christian tradition of humiliating the defeated. It always looks blatantly dishonest to me that the most admired heroes become scapegoats at the very moment when luck betrays them while the bloodiest scoundrels are forgiven and cleared of everything if they win their wars.

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the Sign of Weather Vane

Bangputys, the god of seas and winds

Bangpūtys or Vėjopatis is the Lithuanian Euronian god responsible for Earth’s waters and winds. Hurricanes and floods are his remedies against all those who cause harm to his realm.

Bangpūtys [bʌngpuː‘tiːs] (the Wave-Blower in Lithuanian) is the Lithuanian god who takes care of seas, lakes, and rivers as well as winds, storms and floods.

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Zemyna, the goddess-mother of the Earth

Žemyna, the most potent Lithuanian goddess, probably the wife of Perkūnas, is the MOTHER of every living being.

Žemyna loves life. She sees people as a part of nature and helps and supports those who spare it. Žemyna’s mission is defending the life on the Earth, even from mankind if necessary.

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Michael Adebolajo

The Woolwich Execution, one more victory of Islam

The Woolwich Michaels managed to show their deed in the best possible light, turning it into a huge public relations success of radical Islam.

The recentkilling of a British soldier in Woolwich, London, was presented by the media of the UK and many other countries as a brutal inhuman act, horrible crime, etc. Various commentators have tried to interpret it as a common example of the viciousness of radical islamists.

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Laima’s Fir

Laima, the goddess of destiny, luck, and happiness

Laima takes care of every pregnancy and birth and draws the general lifeline for everybody. Laima is associated with luck and happiness, but not with money or other material wealth.

The symbol of Laima is a stylised fir, Laima’s Fir. Her day of the week is Sunday.

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Velinas, Devil, the god of death and rebirth

Vėlinas or Velnias is the Lithuanian god responsible for the souls in the period between death and rebirth. Vėlinas makes all the villains pay for their crimes and therefore is often vilified by people with dirty conscience.

Every soul is supposed to go there after death in order to be reborn later. Vėlinas decides how it will happen in every particular case. Close to Vėlinas are Odin, Wodan, Mercury, and Christian Devil.

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Ragana, Witch, the Seeing

Ragana is the Lithuanian goddess of healing and seeing into the future. Her day of the week is Saturday.

Milda, the goddess of love

Milda is the Lithuanian goddess of love, courting, and friendship. If you feel lonely, ask Milda for help. If you do it sincere, Milda will certainly help you.


Angel is a common name for some species of winged demons who can make love with both women and men and always remain virgin.

Euronism and Euronians

Euronism is tolerance, ethics and responsibility for your life. We, Euronians, do not humble ourselves in front of anybody.

Perkunas, the god of power, courage and honour

Perkūnas, the leader of the Lithuanian gods, cannot stand deceit and perfidy. He favours the brave and honourable.


Paradise (Eden, Heaven) is the den of Yahweh (God, Allah), where he resides with his cherubs and other angels and some poor souls.

Hypocrisy, the most disgusting of Jesus Christ

Christians have turned the strategy of public image of their god-hypocrite Jesus Christ into the most successful weapon in the history of mankind.

Letter to the EU requesting to stop considering of banning swastika

Letter to the European Union asking it to abolish all its intentions of banning swastika, the symbol of the Baltic faith, and to stop the revival of Inquisition and Jesuitism in the EU.

Jesus Christ: a god? – an illusionist? – a criminal? – an ill man?

The Gospels provide enough information about the life of the Christian prophet relying on which we can conclude that Jesus Christ was a god, a kind-hearted illusionist, a criminal, or just a mentally ill man.

Letter to the Pope Josephp Ratzinger requesting to condemn the Catholic saints Adalbert of Prague and Bruno of Querfurt and to stop celebrating their feast days

The Pope is urging to respect religions and their symbols. The ‘saints’ Adalbert and Bruno were executed because they profaned the Baltic faith, so the Catholic Church must condemn them.

Could Jesus Christ have been eaten?

If we assume that Jesus Christ (his corpse) after the crucifixion was eaten by his followers, we can explain not only the Christian cannibalistic mysticism, but also many other mysteries of Christianity.

Christianity – Christians conquered the world thanks to their blatant immorality

Christianity spread around the world so rapidly because Christians did not hesitate to resort to any vileness. For a long time, Christians not only were champions of treachery, they also were world famous for their intolerance and inhuman cruelty.

Catholic Church and Lithuania – why is Lithuania dominated by Roman Catholics?

The Catholic Church established itself in Lithuania by force and violence. Even now, non-Catholics, especially pupils, do not feel safely there.

It is pleasant at times to play the madman.

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