Edward Snowden

Alas, Edward

Unfortunately, Edward Snowden is not an ordinary Yankee. We can only expect that such naive faith in primitive propaganda will not cost Snowden his life.

I’m neither traitor nor hero. I’m an American,’ – thus Edward Joseph Snowden explained his motives for revealing the actual attitudes of the US government towards human rights and respect for personal privacy.

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Osama bin Laden

What has happened to Osama bin Laden?

It looks fairly improbable that Osama bin Laden was actually killed in Abbottabad. Maybe he is still alive.

The more I think about the official story about bin Laden’s death, the less convincing it appears to me. I do not know anything special about what happened in Abbottabad on the 2nd September 2012; however, I am absolutely sure that the USA would by no means have simply killed Osama in those circumstances.

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the flag of the USA


Yankees is the only correct word known to me to name the people of the USA without offending the true Americans.

Yankees should be and is normally used as a completely descriptive word without any negative connotations. The popular word in the USA ‘Americans’ is not an appropriate synonym of ‘Yankees’ because America(s) and the United States of America are very different things.

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United States – the phantom menace

With the assistance of the CIA, the US controls many countries of the world. If the unpredictable American ‘democracy’ brings to power intelligent fanatics, it will be extremely difficult for mankind to curb US aggression.

The United States often depicts itself as the most democratic country round the world, in which human rights are fully secured.

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Terrorism – which are worse: terrorists or those fighting with World terrorism?

The rhetoric of the ‘War on terrorism’ is beneficial to terrorism because the contemporary ‘terrorists’ do not seem less moral than those who are ‘waging war’ against them.

Terrorism was eventually vilified as late as at the end of the XX century, when it became common practice to also refer to the criminals that take hostage groups of people and demand huge pecuniary ransom.

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Bush apologizes

Bush and ordinary Americans – Nazi methods are of little use against Nazism

Some opposers of Bush give vent to their anger on Americans travelling abroad. They want Nazism and aggression stop growing in the US, yet they achieve the opposite – making them even stronger.

The US has got into the habit of starting a new act of aggression in every couple of years. US presidents, famous for their limited intellectual abilities, think that they may begin a new war in every case they need to divert attention away from their inability to cope with economic problems. Thus, entire states are being destroyed; hundreds of thousands of peaceful people are being killed for vague reasons.

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America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.

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