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‘Hypocrisy, the most disgusting of Jesus Christ’

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17.   That Is Real Fact    2021 05 01  23:54:27

Jesus Christ is a very filthy fucking disgusting pig.

16.   Ninja    2020 10 19  00:30:20

It pisses them, the FUCK, off!!!

15.   Ninja    2020 10 19  00:29:49

Also, blow marijuana smoke into their face.

14.   Ninja    2020 10 19  00:09:43

Fuck Christians. Their so uptight and narcissistic. All of their arguments can be made invalid with reasoning and examining nature properly. Shit didn‘t just get placed on a ball of belly lint from a cheesy as fuck ’god‘. Shit happened because of a series of well coordinated random events that caused the world to be created. Also, the universe is expanding all the time, a result of the big bang, which doesn‘t make sense from a creationist perspective. There are millions of transition species that have been found in the Earth‘s several layers. One specimen
’Archaeopteryx‘ is half fucking bird, half goddamn dinosaur. Like, holy fuck, the bible teaches about Unicorns and shit (KJV I think), and we haven‘t found that shit, but there‘s goddamn fucking half bird half dinosaur shit in this crusty ass Earth‘s lithosphere. Take a look at all the different ’ape-man‘ fossils archaeologists have found, like Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis). Jesus, use fucking evidence to prove points, duh!

13.   Captain Twisty Nipsy    2020 10 18  23:59:52

Jesus Christ only hung out with guys. What a virgin faggot. We should worship a chad like satan, who seduced a girl into eating an apple. Hot as fuck!

12.   Наталия    2020 06 04  18:19:48

Думаю,что религия,это самый большой обман.

11.   John Doe    2018 12 30  16:02:53

Jesus Christ is a real faggot bitch.

10.   John Doe    2018 12 04  20:31:25

Jesus is a very disgusting cock sucking faggot that should burn the fuck in hell where he belongs. Hail Satan.

9.   Hail Satan    2018 11 22  22:12:21

Jesus Christ was and still is a real filthy cocksucker which is real fact.

8.   Hypocrisy Upon Hypocrisy    2016 09 04  06:57:33

Hey, just because the christians from hundreds of years ago did something bad doesn‘t mean that Christians are horrible people! That‘s just like saying you‘re a dirty thief because of what your great-times-a-thousand-grandfather stole a pig.
Look at my name and you should know what I mean. If you still don‘t get it, you are a low-life scumbag and should be ashamed of yourself.
If you‘re going to pick on people from a certain religion then you are what I would call ’Nazi 2.0.’
Have fun picking on innocent people....

7.   Erickr    2016 07 22  03:36:38

Yes, it is disgusting. The ’Balts‘ were among the last European Pagans to be converted and that being done by bloody force chiefly by the Teutonic Order. My people, the Norse also came late but many Balts were still Pagan long after most of the Norse were converted. Even though Charlemagne ran around mass murdering any tribes like the Saxons who would not convert to this scummy religion many Norse and Danes still remained adamantly Pagan and continually attacked at the Empire, besieging places like Mainz and Metz and gave those filthy Carolingians as much as they could handle. The Carolingians also harbored many Jews and had them in their Court. Rather conspicuous. The Jews pressed for more crackdown against Viking raids and trade because it interfered with their own business as well. When the Muslims were first beginning attacks from Eastern Europe into the Western heartland, the Christians took time first to attack their own people who were not yet converted before even moving to attack these Muslims. Yes, this is history of these Christian rats.

6.   Psalms 119:161    2014 12 22  01:03:59

Did you do any research in the ways the religion you obviously have no legitimate knowledge of interprets the passages you quoted? Maybe you could have appeared intelligent if you even happened to glance at the context of these statements you quoted. Unfortunately you have done neither and have made all those who share your opinion look like utter fools. Also a claim to a religion does not merit membership. Christ did not, and true Christians do not torture, conquer, steal, or lust for power. I do agree however that there are many people that call themselves Christians that fit the description you outlined in your paper. I‘ll say it again a claim to a religion does not merit membership. So, yes most who claim Christianity are hypocrites but Jesus‘s true followers still exist and we‘ll keep you in our prayers.

-God bless you

5.   steph    2014 10 09  04:31:23

yeah, it is.

4.   Виталий    2014 06 09  00:47:04

Я прошу прощения возможно мои слова и не повлияют на мнение автора, но всё же. Уважаемый автор статьи, если вы взялись цитировать слова из библии то не вырывайте стихи из контекста, а пишите весь отрывок и после указывайте, что вас не устраивает. Есть в библии место
2Кор.3:6 »Он дал нам способность быть служителями Нового Завета, не буквы, но духа, потому что буква убивает, а дух животворит.»
Покайтесь и веруйте в Евангелие!!!

3.   Christ is disgusting    2014 05 15  23:38:11

You have to understand Jesus Christ... Just like an MLM distributor, he was hard pressed to sell a product (Christianity, that is) which has no value whatsoever. Naturally, he had to rely on public image and hypocrisy to gain followers.

In fact, hypocrisy is an integral part of Christ‘s teaching. Have a look:

’Pay attention, now! I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning as serpents and as innocent as doves.’
Matthew 10:16

It‘s not unusual to see a pious follower of Christ playing innocent while being duplicitous as a snake, reminds me of the House of Slytherin of Harry Potter books.

Anyway, now I understand why pious and devoted Christians burn Harry Potter books, because the books expose Christian‘s hypocrisy in the most subtle way possible. Not to mention Lord Voldemort is the representative of Jesus Christ. Think about it: the Death Eaters long for the Second Coming of Voldemort, just like the Christian Neocons long for the Second Coming of Christ. The House of Slytherin praise the pure bloods, as the Christians praise the Jews.

(I‘m not against Jews, I just refuse to accept the concept of ’Chosen Race‘. Heck, even the Jews themselves are annoyed by the Christians, just like pure bloods like the Weasley family being annoyed by the Slytherins.)

Would you trust a pious follower of Christ? Nah, me neither. Christians - especially pious Christians - are among the most duplicitous and dishonest people around, because the bible tells them to be so. It‘s plain and simple.

2.   Феликс    2013 05 07  12:32:17

Совершенно ясно, и очевидно, что кукловод мастерски владеет твоим сознанием.Он ослепил тебе глаза, усыпил твой разум и виртуозно выдаёт тебе правду за ложь.

1.   Александр    2013 04 19  22:31:06

Дурачек, ничего ты не понял о Нем...






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