Why I have no respect for aggressive religions

20 04 2012

In terms of faith and religion, I do not attack first

Generally, I deeply respect the private lives of all the people. I would never intentionally bother anybody about what I think about his life, faith, sexual orientation, etc. I never care about to which god others pray or do not pray, which temple they attend, etc.

Nevertheless, if one begins advertising his views or even trying to convert me or other people into his religion, I feel myself free to criticise his opinions and beliefs. However, if that person remains polite, I would keep my criticism moderate and respectful.

Otherwise, all my respect to the opinions of others disappears completely. I feel free to resort to any means against a person who is trying to impose his views upon other people by means other than polite arguing.

I do not respect the attitudes of the people and organisations who: a) do not respect themselves the attitudes of others, b) try to impose their views by violence, no matter physical or psychological, c) try to force their morality upon others by law and politics.

I do not respect the gods who themselves do not respect other gods and their followers

I would never criticise any god who has not shown himself disrespect to other gods and religions. I understand that other people can choose their own gods, other than the gods I prefer: Ragana and others. I am sure such people make a huge mistake, however, I would not dare to criticise their choice or question their right to err.

Anyway, there are gods who, at least according to the sacred scriptures of their followers, do not respect other gods and people who pray to them. For example, the 112th sura of the Koran states that Allah is the only god. It means that all the other gods either are not true gods or do not exist at all. As I understand it, everything in the Koran is told by Allah through the lips of his prophet Mohammad.

According to the Tora, Yahweh (Christian God) directly ordered his prophet Moses to destroy sacred places of all the people who lived in the land that the Jews were going to occupy.

‘But thus shall you deal with them: you shall break down their altars, and dash in pieces their pillars, and hew down their Asherim, and burn their engraved images with fire.’

Deuteronomy, 7/5

According to Luke, 11/23, Jesus (Christ) directly declared, ‘Whoever is not with me is against me’. So, all non-Christians are the enemies of the Christian god (and, supposedly, his followers).

There are hundreds of similar examples in the Koran, the Talmud, and the Bible. The gods of the biggest monotheistic religions – Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh – have shown blatant disrespect to other gods, their religions and believers. This way these three gods lost any right to my respect, and this is not going to change no matter how many and how violent adepts they have got.

Offensive religions deserve it

Almost everywhere in the world, I see religious organisations trying to impose their morality upon entire societies.

It is evident that shariah law is burdening and humiliating to non-Muslims. However, some Muslim countries are determined to force it upon everybody in their territory and beyond. The Shahada itself, the very essence of Islam, abruptly states, ‘There is no god but Allah...’.

In Europe and Americas, many Christian churches keep trying to form the law according to their beliefs. Prohibitions of abortions, legal discrimination of homosexuals and many Christian public holidays are only the most evident examples.

In Lithuania, the Catholic Church can openly apply public pressure on the politicians. Catholic leaders often offend other religions and their followers including me and Lietuvietybe in public, and it is considered absolutely legal by the (practically Catholic) Government and Judiciary.

There are still few Muslims in Lithuania. Therefore, I am not in fact very interested in Islam. But offensive Christianity, particularly Catholicism, is a real problem in my country.

Aggressive Jewish organisations also keep accelerating their pressure on Lithuania with clear intention to rob my homeland as they do it in many places around the world, and many aggressive Judaists have repeatedly insulted Lithuanians as an ethnicity and a nation.

Thus, I have enough reasons to disrespect Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism and to counter their propaganda with all available means. And I am going to do my best to disclose the true nature of those bloody religions. That is the only thing I can feasibly do to defend my faith, my people, my freedom, and my country from aggressive religions.

Do you feel obliged to respect even those who do not respect you?

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