Why I love to counter propaganda

04 04 2012

First of all, I hate deceit

I am not so naive to believe perfect justice to be anything more than a dream. However, when one states that he is acting for the reasons of justice, I expect it to be true justice – i.e. a justice that is equal for everybody. For example, when a country (or a person) declares that it (he) kills its enemies because they are violating human rights, I can accept it ONLY if the country (the person) does not violate human rights it(him)self.

An indisputable piece of evidence of the harmfulness of propaganda
George W. Bush

For that reason, Hitler is less repugnant to me than, say, George W. Bush. Hitler (practically) killed lots of people during the Second World War sincerely stating that he wanted to clean his empire from the nations he did not like. It sounded horrible, but it was at least sincere.

Bush (practically) killed lots of people in Iraq declaring that Iraq had nuclear weapons, killed lots of people, and humiliated human rights. However, in fact there were no arms of mass destruction in Iraq; Bush’s army and special services killed people and violated human rights on a massive scale.

Thus, Bush’s crimes were no better than Hitler’s ones, but the former justified them with blatant lies. In my eyes, that was enough to make the bloody liar Bush more disgusting than even Hitler himself. (The Jews and many of the Slavs will probably not understand my reasoning because Hitler was killing their compatriots, while Bush was killing only Muslims.)

Propaganda pushes mankind towards self-extinction

In the face of many huge threats looming in the near future, such as global warming, overpopulation, possible pandemics, etc, mankind badly needs to coordinate its efforts.

The recent military and economic fiascoes of the USA have clearly shown that the world is not willing to become a single empire ruled from Washington. Voluntary cooperation of all the nations is the only way to meet the great challenges of humanity.

However, in order to achieve true mutual understanding and confidence, ALL the world’s nations have to respect each other and, first of all, to begin to speak sincerely to each other. It means that in order to survive, propaganda has to be abolished.

The best example I can think out about the deadly impact of hypocrisy and propaganda is what happened after the 11th September of 2001.

In the USA, they even now cannot truly realise how many people around the world celebrated the attack by Mohammad Ata and his team against the bloody executioner of the world with the record of hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, etc.

However, only Palestinians sincerely and openly celebrated what appeared a tiny bit of justice for all the historical crimes the USA had committed. The governments of almost all the nations in the world overwhelmed the USA with lots of formal letters of hypocritical condolences, propaganda designed to conceal the true reaction of their citizens.

As a result, the people of the USA were naively convinced that all the world supported them and they had the moral right to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq.

As it is evident now, the wars that followed not only left the two countries in ruins – they put the world into a harsh economic crisis. And it is clear now too that the USA were completely wrong about the moral support they really had after that 11th September.

If only the people of the USA could have seen those smirks with which billions of people in Europe, Asia and Latin America watched the planes hitting the Twin Towers! Instead, Yankees had only heard official propaganda that gave them wrong views about their prospects.

The costs of that hypocrisy on the world scale have already been gigantic, and we still do not know what is to come.

I have personal reasons to be disgusted with the propaganda of the capitalism

I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union. At my teens, I was disgusted with the Soviet propaganda, that stated that the Communist Party of the USSR was the best in the world, that socialism was the best achievement of humanity, and so on.

I was sure that the occupation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union was harmful for my country and nation, that independence would make their lives much better.

Therefore, I celebrated the fall of the Soviet Union in the early Nineties. However, now, when I see what has happened to Lithuania and the world since the USSR was destroyed, how the so-called western countries disrespect the rights of poor countries, and how brazenly hypocritical the western propaganda is, I have started to believe that the Soviet propaganda, that I hated so much in my childhood, was in fact true in many points!

Nowadays, when I see the great advantage China’s Communist Party has over western governing parties, I feel a kind of guilt about my adolescent emotions towards the Soviet Union, Russia (as 11-year-old, I even thought about exploding the Kremlin ☺) and the Soviet Communists. Now, when I already regret the fall of the Soviet Union (though most probably I would also have been a dissident if it had not happened ☺), I feel being under some sort of moral obligation to say publicly what I think about its alternative.

I cannot just humbly watch the champions of the West stealing everything from my country and twaddling shamelessly about democracy, markets, ‘Europe’, etc.

Propaganda is among the worst enemies of mankind, is it?

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