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The precious WHO

WHO, the precious agent of the Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) did everything to spread the epidemic of the new coronavirus among people.

On the 31 December 2019, the government of Taiwan informed the WHO about a new contagious coronavirus raging in Chinese Wuhan.

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Please, react to the crimes of the Lithuanian government!

Letter to many human rights organisations asking to react to political murders, use of psychiatric facilities for imprisonment and murdering of dissidents and other crimes that are being committed in Lithuania.

Giedrius Šarkanas

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Why NATO soldiers are beaten in Lithuania, open letter to the Government of the USA

Open letter to the US President Donald Trump asking to save USA’s reputation and react to political murders, worshipping of terrorists, and other abhorrent crimes that are being committed in Lithuania.

Giedrius Šarkanas

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Why German soldiers are beaten in Lithuania, open letter to the Government of Germany

Open letter to Angela Merkel, Norbert Lammert and Martin Schulz asking to save Germany’s reputation as a fighter against Nazism and react to the abhorrent crimes that are being committed in Lithuania.

Giedrius Šarkanas

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Petition to the European Parliament regarding murders, torture, human rights abuses, and other crimes in Lithuania

Petition to the EP regarding the murder of Skaista Rakauskiene and other dissenters, abuses of psichiatry by Lithuanian judiciary, political persecutions, worshipping of terrorists, and embezzlement of EU funds in Lithuania.

Giedrius Šarkanas

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Petitions asking to investigate into the crimes against humanity and war crimes of the Lithuanian guerillas in 1944-1953

My petitions to the International Criminal Court, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the European Council.

The black text is the same in all these petitions of mine. The brown text I added to the petitions I have sent to the Parliament, Commission and Council of the EU.

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The last application to the European Court of Human Rights

My last trial to stop continuous violations of human rights by the government of the so-called ‘Republic of Lithuania’ via the ECHR.

This is the last, I hope. ☺ I am fed up. We are JUST LITHUANIANS.

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One more application to the European Court of Human Rights

The final version of my application to the ECHR concerning discrimination of Lithuanians in Lithuania.


Lithuans are the people (not necessary Lithuanians) who believe in the Lithuanian gods and prefer them to other gods.

Applications to the European Court of Human Rights and letter to EU-dreamers

I must refer to the ECHR as a last resort because the courts of the Republic of Lithuania refuse to defend the rights of Lithuanians. We are humiliated in our own country, turned by the EU into a mere instrument for destroing our nation.

Moses, the Jewish Hitler

Moses, the true father of Nazism, is worshipped while Hitler, the most devoted student of the Jewish prophet, is completely demonised. Shameless Christians glorify even the most abhorrent perverts if they manage to exterminate all of their victims.

Nobel Peace Prize as a means of sucking up

In order to please the US, Norwegians award the Nobel Peace Prize even to war criminals.

Bangputys, the god of seas and winds

Bangpūtys or Vėjopatis is the Lithuanian Euronian god responsible for Earth’s waters and winds. Hurricanes and floods are his remedies against all those who cause harm to his realm.

Zemyna, the goddess-mother of the Earth

Žemyna, the most potent Lithuanian goddess, probably the wife of Perkūnas, is the MOTHER of every living being.

Alas, Edward

Unfortunately, Edward Snowden is not an ordinary Yankee. We can only expect that such naive faith in primitive propaganda will not cost Snowden his life.

What has happened to Osama bin Laden?

It looks fairly improbable that Osama bin Laden was actually killed in Abbottabad. Maybe he is still alive.

Open letter to Norwegians

My public letter to Norwegians in which I explaine how we, Lithuanians, see them and their country and why. Sent to the Norwegian media outlets that were most involved in the public campaign against Lithuanians.


Yankees is the only correct word known to me to name the people of the USA without offending the true Americans.

The Woolwich Execution, one more victory of Islam

The Woolwich Michaels managed to show their deed in the best possible light, turning it into a huge public relations success of radical Islam.

Laima, the goddess of destiny, luck, and happiness

Laima takes care of every pregnancy and birth and draws the general lifeline for everybody. Laima is associated with luck and happiness, but not with money or other material wealth.

Velinas, Devil, the god of death and rebirth

Vėlinas or Velnias is the Lithuanian god responsible for the souls in the period between death and rebirth. Vėlinas makes all the villains pay for their crimes and therefore is often vilified by people with dirty conscience.

Ragana, Witch, the Seeing

Ragana is the Lithuanian goddess of healing and seeing into the future. Her day of the week is Saturday.

Please, help protect Lithuanians from the Republic of Lithuania

Please, help to pressurise the Lithuanian authorities into recognising the basic human rights and freedoms of Lithuanians, into lifting the absurd prohibitions of same-sex marriages and adoption by unmarried couples.

Respect the family life of Lithuanians, an application to the ECHR

I ask the European Court of Human Rights to recognise that prohibitions of adoption by same-sex couples and close relatives violate the rights of many Lithuanians to respect of their family life and non-discrimination.

Milda, the goddess of love

Milda is the Lithuanian goddess of love, courting, and friendship. If you feel lonely, ask Milda for help. If you do it sincere, Milda will certainly help you.


Angel is a common name for some species of winged demons who can make love with both women and men and always remain virgin.

Euronism and Euronians

Euronism is tolerance, ethics and responsibility for your life. We, Euronians, do not humble ourselves in front of anybody.

Friday. The week day of love. The week day of Milda. Also the day of Freya, Venus, Allah.

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

Bertrand Russell


Which one has harmed humankind worse?

Osama bin Laden
Osama bin Laden

George W. Bush
George W. Bush

Equally bad

Both were do-gooders

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Germany will either be a world power or will not be at all.


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