WHO, the precious agent of the Coronavirus

03 04 2020

The WHO was not interested in quick response to the epidemic of coronavirus

On the 31 December 2019, the government of Taiwan informed the WHO about a new contagious coronavirus raging in Chinese Wuhan.

My precious WHO!
the precious WHO

The WHO decided not to react however. They only told the Taiwanese government that their experts were informed and chose to keep the world in ignorance.

The WHO strangely hesitated to declare the COVID-19 a pandemic

By the middle of February, it was absolutely clear that mankind was facing a pandemic. The WHO did not care yet.

In fact, the WHO encouraged the world to relax. When the Lithuanian government was considering cancelling an official celebration event on the 11 March, the Lithuanian independence day, Vytenis Andriukaitis, the special envoy of WHO to Europe, publicly condemned that intention as unnecessary and ‘unproportionate’.

The WHO firmly disencouraged masks

From the very beginning of the epidemic, the official position of the WHO was: ‘If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection.’

This statement is logically absurd because you never know exactly if any healthy-looking person is actually virus-free. It is evident that the only way to stop contagion effectively is obligatory masks for EVERYBODY.

Masks were ‘the secret weapon’ against the virus in all the successful Eastern Asian countries. Yet the WHO is even today downgrading them and praising disinfection, which is of very dubious value against the virus.

As a result, most countries did not prepare timely for the epidemic and now their governments are struggling to obtain basic protective equipment for the medics, not to speak of ordinary people.

Well done!

The WHO is a typical bureaucratic international organisation engaged, first of all, in distribution of big money. The more ill mankind is, the more rich, important and influential are the staff of the WHO.

So far the WHO has done its best to assure smooth spreading of the epidemic around the world. It was worth it. Now the politicians and bureaucrats of the WHO are the most important people on Earth.

The WHO is today much more popular and influential than the EU, the UN and even the Security Council!

The WHO is precious, isn’t it?

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