the Sign of Weather Vane

Bangputys, the god of seas and winds

Bangpūtys or Vėjopatis is the Lithuanian Euronian god responsible for Earth’s waters and winds. Hurricanes and floods are his remedies against all those who cause harm to his realm.

Bangpūtys [bʌngpuː‘tiːs] (the Wave-Blower in Lithuanian) is the Lithuanian god who takes care of seas, lakes, and rivers as well as winds, storms and floods.

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Zemyna, the goddess-mother of the Earth

Žemyna, the most potent Lithuanian goddess, probably the wife of Perkūnas, is the MOTHER of every living being.

Žemyna loves life. She sees people as a part of nature and helps and supports those who spare it. Žemyna’s mission is defending the life on the Earth, even from mankind if necessary.

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Laima’s Fir

Laima, the goddess of destiny, luck, and happiness

Laima takes care of every pregnancy and birth and draws the general lifeline for everybody. Laima is associated with luck and happiness, but not with money or other material wealth.

The symbol of Laima is a stylised fir, Laima’s Fir. Her day of the week is Sunday.

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Velinas, Devil, the god of death and rebirth

Vėlinas or Velnias is the Lithuanian god responsible for the souls in the period between death and rebirth. Vėlinas makes all the villains pay for their crimes and therefore is often vilified by people with dirty conscience.

Every soul is supposed to go there after death in order to be reborn later. Vėlinas decides how it will happen in every particular case. Close to Vėlinas are Odin, Wodan, Mercury, and Christian Devil.

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the Sign of Toad

Ragana, Witch, the Seeing

Ragana is the Lithuanian goddess of healing and seeing into the future. Her day of the week is Saturday.

Ragana in Lithuanian means the Seeing, which is close to English Witch (who watches) and Slavic Vjed(ż)ma (who knows).

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stylised capital letter ‘M’

Milda, the goddess of love3 op.

Milda is the Lithuanian goddess of love, courting, and friendship. If you feel lonely, ask Milda for help. If you do it sincere, Milda will certainly help you.

First of all, Milda does not care about marriage. In her eyes, matrimony is secondary to love and friendship. Milda means freedom for her worshippers.

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Perkunas, the god of power, courage and honour

Perkūnas, the leader of the Lithuanian gods, cannot stand deceit and perfidy. He favours the brave and honourable.

In the Lithuanian Euronian pantheon, Perkūnas (pərku:nʌs, Thunder in Lithuanian) occupies a place similar to that of Donar, Thor, Zeus or Jupiter in their corresponding German, Scandinavian, Greek and Roman pantheons.

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He of whom many are afraid ought to fear many.

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